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Spring / Spring Webflux Interview questions

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What is Reactive Programming?

Reactive programming is a programming paradigm that deals with asynchronous data streams and the specific propagation of change, which means it implements modifications to the execution environment in a certain order.

The primary benefits of reactive programming are, better utilization of computing resources on multicore and multi-CPU hardware and better performance by truncating serialization.

What is Spring Webflux?

Spring WebFlux is part of Spring 5, it is a parallel version of Spring MVC and supports fully non-blocking reactive streams. It supports the backpressure concept and uses Netty as the inbuilt server to run reactive applications.

Is Spring WebClient thread safe?

Yes, WebClient is thread-safe since it is immutable.

Is Spring RestTemplate deprecated?

RestTemplate allows you to consume Rest resources in a synchronous manner, which means it will block the thread before it receives a response. RestTemplate has been deprecated since Spring 5.

What are the benefits of using Spring Webflux?

The spring-webflux is not necessarily faster but it is better in dealing with the issues of scalability and efficient use of hardware resources. It is also better at dealing with the issues of latency.


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