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Spring / Spring Integration

Different Message Endpoints.

Transformer is responsible for converting a Message’s content or structure and returning the modified Message. One common type of transformer is one that converts the payload of the Message from one format to another (for example, from XML to JSON).

A Message Filter determines whether a Message should be passed to an output channel at all by evaluating a boolean test method.

A Message Router is responsible for deciding what channel(s) should receive the Message next (if any).

A Splitter accepts a Message from its input channel, split that Message into multiple Messages, and then send each of those to its output channel. This is typically used for dividing a "composite" payload object into a group of Messages containing the sub-divided payloads.

Aggregator is a type of Message Endpoint that receives multiple Messages and combines them into a single Message.

Service Activator is a generic endpoint for connecting a service instance to the messaging system. The input Message Channel must be configured, and if the service method to be invoked is capable of returning a value, an output Message Channel may also be provided optionally.

Aggregator is a type of Message Endpoint that receives multiple Messages and combines them into a single Message.

A Channel Adapter is an endpoint that connects a Message Channel to some other system or transport. Channel Adapters may be either inbound or outbound. Typically, the Channel Adapter will do some mapping between the Message and whatever object received from is received-from or sent to the other system (File, HTTP Request, JMS Message, etc).

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