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Servlet / Servlet Interview Questions

Security features provided by SOAP messaging standard.

Common web server infrastructure: SOAP services leverage existing web/web service infrastructure, so from a security perspective, IT Operations groups usually know how to configure web servers securely.

Dynamic service bindings: SOAP provides descriptive service bindings via WSDL documents. Binding include transport protocol information such as HTTPS. This is a benefit of SOAP over RESTful services, which don't provide any binding information unless it's manually created documentation.

Message centric: SOAP is a messaging standard, so there are a number of options for securing all or parts of SOAP messages; these decisions can be made independently of transport protocols like HTTPs.

Message centric: WS-Security provides 3 main mechanisms such as

  • signing SOAP messages for ensuring integrity including non-repudiation,
  • encrypting SOAP messages to ensuring confidentially, and
  • attaching security tokens to messages to establish user identity.

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