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Angular / ReactJS

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What is React?

React is an Open source Javascript library for building dynamic User interfaces (UI).

React works on the "V" in MVC pattern.

ReactJS is maintained by facebook, Instagram and a community of individual contributers.

It has nothing to do with the backend or controller of the application.

Advantages of using ReactJS.

React helps design simple declarative views for each state in your application.

Encapsulated components.

Dynamic properties & state .

Virtual DOM.

Completely independent of the rest of the application.

Can render on the client or the server.

Explain Virtual DOM.

ReactJS abstracts away the DOM and creates its own version which is simplified and includes the information that you need.

Virtual DOM helps identify which portion of DOM has changed. It is more lightweight and works faster.

What is JSX?

JavaScript XML(JSX) is a type of file used by React which utilizes the expressiveness of JavaScript along with HTML like template syntax. This makes the HTML file really easy to understand. This file makes applications robust and boosts its performance.




<h1> Hello!</h1>



Who created ReactJS?


is ReactJS an MVC framework?

No. ReactJS is NOT an MVC framework. It is a library for building composable user interfaces that enables the creation of reusable UI components which present data that changes over time.

What are the major features of React?

It uses VirtualDOM instead RealDOM that avoids RealDOM manipulations which are expensive.

Supports server-side rendering.

Uses Unidirectional data flow or data binding.

Leverages reusable/composable UI components to develop the view.

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