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Java / JavaFX

Explain the JavaFX API.

javafx.stage holds the top level container classes for JavaFX application.

javafx.scene provides classes and interfaces to support the scene graph. In addition, it also provides sub-packages such as canvas, chart, control, effect, image, input, layout, media, paint, shape, text, transform, web, etc. There are several components that support this rich API of JavaFX.

javafx.animation has classes to add transition based animations such as fill, fade, rotate, scale and translation, to the JavaFX nodes.

javafx.application contains a set of classes responsible for the JavaFX application life cycle.

javafx.css contains classes to add CSS–like styling to JavaFX GUI applications.

javafx.event contains classes and interfaces to deliver and handle JavaFX events.

javafx.geometry contains classes to define 2D objects and perform operations on them.

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