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Java / Java 11

List some of the Java 11 Features.

Java 11 is the first long-term support (LTS) release after Java 8. Oracle also stopped supporting Java 8 in January 2019. So it becomes mandatory for the application teams to onboard to Java 11 ASAP.

some of the new features include,

new methods/API to the String class: isBlank, lines, strip, stripLeading, stripTrailing, and repeat.

easier way to read and write Strings from files using readString and writeString static methods from the Files class.

Path filePath = Files.writeString(Files.createTempFile("tempDIR", "demo", ".txt"), "");
String fileContent = Files.readString(filePath);
System.out.println(fileContent); // prints

The java.util.Collection interface adds a new default toArray method which makes it easy to create an array from a collection using its right data type.

List myListCollection = Arrays.asList("orange", "Apple");
String[] convertedArray = myListCollection.toArray(String[]::new);

addition of Predicate.not method like Predicate.not(String::isBlank)),

addition of support for using the local variable syntax (var keyword) in lambda parameters,

The new HTTP client from the package was introduced in Java 9. It has now become a standard feature in Java 11.

We don't have to compile the Java source files with javac explicitly anymore, we can directly run the file using the java command:

Hello world!

Nest-Based Access Control.

Java 11 introduced the Z Garbage Collector (ZGC).

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