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Java / Autosys Interview questions

Different JOB Status in Autosys.

STARTING (ST), the job is initiated/starting.

RUNNING (RU), the job is executing or running status. For a command or file watcher job, the process will be running on the remote machine, In case of box job, jobs inside the box may be initiated (given that running condition matches).

SUCCESS (SU), the job execution is completed and it is successful. The job exited with an exit code equal to or less than 0 (Zero) as code "0" is considered as "SUCCESS".

FAILURE (FA) , job exited with an exit code greater than 0 (Zero). Any number greater than zero is interpreted as "FAILURE". Autosys issues an alarm if a job fails.

TERMINATED (TE) , the job terminated while it was in the RUNNING state. A job can be terminated if a user sends a KILLJOB event or defined to terminate if the box is failed. A job may also be terminated if it has exceeded the maximum run time or if it was killed from the command line through UNIX kill command. Autosys issues an alarm if a job is terminated.

INACTIVE (IN) , the job is not processing/running yet. Possibly the job has never been run.

ACTIVATED (AC) , the top-level box job is in RUNNING state, but the job itself has not started yet.

RESTART (RE) , the job was unable to start due to hardware or application problems and has been scheduled to restart.

QUE-WAIT (QU) , the job is about to start given conditions met, but there are not enough machine resources available.

ON_HOLD (OH) , this job is on hold and will not be run until it receives the JOB_OFF_HOLD event.

ON_ICE (OI) , this job is excluded from all conditions to START, but is still defined to Autosys. Operationally, this condition is like deactivating the job. It will remain on ice until it receives the JOB_OFF_ICE event.

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