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Web / Typescript interview questions

Advantages of using typescript.

  • TypeScript is Object-oriented.
  • TypeScript transpiler generates compilation error during transpiling unlike the JavaScript counterpart which is an interpreted language. Developers will be able to catch errors at the early stage during development.
  • TypeScript is optionally strongly typed aka static typed. It also supports type inference.
  • TypeScript support type definitions for existing JavaScript libraries. You may write type definitions in .d.ts file extension.
  • Typescript is a backward compatible version of JavaScript that compiles to pure JavaScript which makes their writing easier and faster. Typescript allows clean, manageable and maintainable code than JavaScript.
  • Plain old JavaScript code may be included in a TypeScript project without any problems since JavaScript is a subset of TypeScript.
  • Typescript compiles down to a version of JavaScript that runs on all browsers.
  • Great community and documentation.

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