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How is React different from Angular?

Learning CurveAngular has its own learning curve but comparitively easy .React has steep learning curve as it doesn't include routing library and need onboarding of state management libraries ilke Redux/MobX.
Ease of development and ProductivityThe Angular CLI eases development experience.The use of third-party libraries affects the speed of React development and productivity.
PerformanceAngular uses real DOM for its applications which makes the apps using Angular slower. React uses a virtual DOM and is best suited for pages that need regular content updates. The size of the library is small too, which makes it more lightweight and dynamic.
Data BindingThe Angular framework uses a two-way binding approach that changes the model state automatically when any change is made in the UI element and vice versa.The React library uses a one-way approach that allows the change in the UI elements only after a change is made in the model state.
Regular DOM vs Virtual DOMAngular uses real DOM, so the whole tree structure is refreshed when a single change is made. This makes the process slower. React uses a Virtual DOM, which allows the developers to make changes to the tree without the need to update the entire tree.
Flexibility and PerformanceAngular does not provide the flexibility that React does.React provides the developers with a lot of tools, libraries, and varying architecture to choose from.

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