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Compare npm vs yarn.

Both npm and Yarn are great package managers for Node.js and Javascript. Yarn was built by Facebook to solve major problems they faced with npm, such as the slower installation of packages and to address few security issues in npm.

Parallel installation of packages: Yarn installs packages in parallel, thus increasing performance and speed. NPM waits for a package to be fully installed before installing another package.

Automatic Lock file generation: Yarn automatically adds a yarn.lock file when dependencies are added to use the version from package.json. NPM doesn't create the lock file by default.

Security: NPM automatically executes a code that allows the other packages to get included into the fly, thus resulting in several vulnerabilities in the security system. On the other hand, Yarn installs those files which are only from the yarn.lock or package.json files.

Command for npmyarn
Install dependencies from package.jsonnpm installyarn
Install packagenpm install [package]yarn add [package]
Install dev dependencynpm install --save-dev [package]yarn add --dev [package]
Uninstall packagenpm uninstall [package]yarn remove [package]
Update packagenpm update [package]yarn upgrade [package]
Install package globalnpm install --global [package]yarn global add [package]
Uninstall package globalnpm uninstall --global [package]yarn global remove [package]

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