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Different Layout containers in Nativescript.

The AbsoluteLayout is the simplest layout in NativeScript. It uses absolute left-top coordinates to position its children.

The DockLayout is a layout that provides a docking mechanism for child elements to the left, right, top, bottom, or center of the layout. To define the docking side of a child element, use its dock property.

The GridLayout is a layout that arranges its child elements in a table structure of rows and columns. A cell can contain multiple child elements, they can span over multiple rows and columns, and even overlap each other.

The StackLayout stacks its child elements below or beside each other, depending on its orientation. It is very useful to create lists.

The WrapLayout is similar to the StackLayout, but it does not just stack all child elements to one column/row, it wraps them to new columns/rows if no space is left.

The FlexboxLayout is a non-conforming implementation of the CSS Flexible Box Layout based on an existing Apache-2 licensed flexbox implementation.

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