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BigData / Hadoop basics

What are the 5 V's of Big Data?

The below are the identified characteristics of any big data.

  1. Volume,
  2. Variety,
  3. Velocity,
  4. Value,
  5. and Veracity.

Volume refers to the scale of data, the main characteristic that makes data big or huge. The amount of data/information over internet from social networks for e.g. are growing exponentially.

Variety refers to the different forms of big data. There are many datatypes in terms of structured data whereas there are no rule/convention for unstructured data.

Velocity refers to the frequency of data to be processed. A streaming online services that work with weather data, GPS data are example of an application that handles the velocity of data.

Value refers to the worthyness of information extracted from the data.

Veracity denotes the uncertainty i.e. trustworthiness of data.

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