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API / GraphQL Interview Questions

Advantages of GraphQL.

GraphQL Simplifies API Development: Unlike REST which uses a different endpoint for each resource, a GraphQL API only needs to use one. Reducing the number of endpoints simplifies the development process. Fetching becomes easier as you do not have to make calls to many endpoints to fetch a set of data.

GraphQL uses a simple JSON-like data structure, making it easy for anyone working with JSON to interpret and use. The response format is JSON as well.

Strong Typing Provides Safety: Types validate the structure of queries submitted to the API. This ensures that the requested data is in the right format.

GraphQL Is Fast: While debatable, the performance of GraphQL appears to be faster than REST queries as GraphQL allows you to run multiple queries at a time rather than on several trips. You can also select an object or a sub-selection of fields for that object.

Efficient Data Fetching Using GraphQL: When you make a request, GraphQL queries the server and returns a response specific to your query. There is no room for over-fetching or under-fetching of data. This reduces the chances of having too much data or not enough data on the network.

Best for complex systems and microservices: GraphQL is versatile. You can integrate multiple systems behind GraphQL's API. Its simple system simplifies the complexity of other systems it integrates with. For example, if it's fetching data from an application or server, it packages it up in its simple format.

GraphQL Avoids Versioning: GraphQL does not depend on versions of your schema. In case you make changes to your database and add new fields, it does not impact existing queries. The GraphQL API will only query existing resources and hide outdated data.

Scalability: Applications handling data from many systems can easily scale their APIs using GraphQL. Scalable APIs ensure the widespread adoption and success of an application. You can also use it with any type of database whether relational or non-relational.

GraphQL Lets You Use Your Own Code: GraphQL APIs are compatible with modern programming languages such as Java, Javascript, Scala, Python etc. so you can create code in your preferred language. You can create functions in the fields that influence your application.

Powerful Developer Tools and Community Support: GraphQL has powerful developer tools that allow you to create new operations. It also has validation and auto-complete features. You can also register a management service to track changes in the schema.

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