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Web / Angular Interview questions

Explain the structure of Angular application projects.

For instance, take the structure of the Shopper Stop angular application.

e2e folder holds end to end test cases that help ensure the angular components are working correctly. This subfolder stores configuration and source files for a set of end-to-end tests that correspond to angular application.

node_modules subfolder provides/stores the npm packages required for the application.

src subfolder contains the source files related to app logic, data, and assets, along with configuration files for the initial application.

.editorconfig configuration file stores editor configuration.

.gitignore file specifies untracked files that Git should ignore.

angular.json stores CLI configuration defaults for all projects in the workspace, including configuration options for build, serve, and test tools that the CLI uses.

package-lock.json provides version information for all packages installed into node_modules by the npm client.

package.json configures npm package dependencies that are available to all projects in the workspace. contains introductory documentation.

tsconfig.json has default TypeScript configuration for apps in the workspace, including TypeScript and Angular template compiler options.

tslint.json stores default TSLint configuration for apps in the workspace.

Structure of src sub-folder.

app/ contains the component files in which your app logic and data are defined.

assets/ contains image files and other asset files to be copied as-is when you build your application.

environments/ contains build configuration options for particular target environments. By default, there is an unnamed standard development environment and a production ("prod") environment. You can define additional target environment configurations.

browserlist configures sharing of target browsers and Node.js versions among various front-end tools.

favicon.ico is the icon to use for this app in the bookmark bar.

index.html is the main HTML page that is served when someone visits your angular site.

main.ts is the main entry point for your app. This typescript file compiles the application with the JIT compiler and bootstraps the application's root module (AppModule) to run in the browser.

polyfills.ts provides polyfill scripts for browser support.

styles.sass lists CSS files that supply styles for a project. The extension reflects the style preprocessor you have configured for the project.

test.ts is the main entry point for your unit tests, with some Angular-specific configuration. inherits from the workspace-wide tsconfig.json file.

tsconfig.spec.json inherits from the workspace-wide tsconfig.json file.

tslint.json inherits from the workspace-wide tslint.json file.

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