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Testing / TOSCA interview questions

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2. Tosca Testsuite.

a complete Test Management Tool, that offers user-friendly platform for automated functional software tests, developed by Tricentis.

3. Advantages of using TOSCA.

enables automating Web Applications, Desktop Applications, Mobile Applications, Web Services etc.

user-friendly and well-organized layout leverages no coding knowledge required for automation purposes.

4. Different modules.
  • Tosca Commander,
  • Tosca Executor,
  • Tosca Wizard,
  • Test Repository.
5. Current Version of TOSCA Test suite.

The latest version of TOSCA Test suite is 9.1.

6. TOSCA Commander.

core for TOSCA testsuite that enables easy creation, management, execution and analysis of Test Cases.

7. Workspace in TOSCA Commander.

helps administer TestCases from the business-based (TestSteps), the technical (Modules) and the organizational (ExecutionLists) point of view.

8. Test case.

TestCases are a series of TestSteps that run from a defined starting point to a defined ending point. TestCases are structured with TestCase folders

9. TOSCA Requirements Management AddIn.

The TOSCA Requirements Management AddIn for TOSCA Commander enables,

  • Organization,
  • Development,
  • Management,
  • Visualization.

of different functional fields and requirements of software test projects.

10. TC-Shell.

The TC-Shell is the command-line control of TOSCA Commander and can be started in two different modes, interactive and script.

TC shell is used by TOSCA commander administrator.

11. What are the Tosca Commander Objects.

The TOSCA Commander Objects are,

  • Modules.
  • TestCase.
  • and ExecutionLists.
12. Explain ExecutionLists Icon.

ExecutionLists enable you to run your TestCases and also it facilitates logging the results of the test execution.

13. Advantages of Test Data Management (TDM).

Test data management helps in managing the test data needed for test execution.

14. Why model based test automation is required?

With the recent trends in the enterprise systems involving agile and scrum methodologies, test automation tools need to be very comprehensive, adopt itself and remain stable to the ever-changing environment.

TOSCA Testsuite follows model based test automation approach that goes beyond scripting methods, provides cost effective, scalable and comprehensive testing solutions.

15. Explain ScratchBook functionality in TOSCA.

The ScratchBook provides a temporary assistance for executing TestCase subset while developing TestCases. ScratchBook enables the partial execution of individual TestSteps.

ScratchBook also facilitates temporary arrangement and execution of TestCases, so several TestCases, TestSteps or test folders could be arranged together in any desired order and can be executed in ScratchBook.

16. Explain the content of Project root element in TOSCA.

The project root element acts as a place holder and contains the folders ExecutionLists, Modules, Reporting, Requirements, TestCaseDesign and TestCases.

By default, the project root element is named after the workspace and it can be changed at any time. The element can be explored using the project window as shown in the picture.

17. Describe ExecutionLists in TOSCA.

TestCases are grouped into ExecutionLists and can be organized using ExecutionList folders or ExecutionEntry folders.

There are two types of ExecutionEntry folders.

  1. Synchronous ExecutionEntry folders are linked to TestCase folders.
  2. asynchronous ExecutionEntry folders are created manually.

Each TestCase is listed as an ExecutionEntry in the ExecutionList.

18. Explain the non-GUI based application testing using TOSCA.

TOSCA enables GUI as well as non-GUI based application testing. TOSCA allows non-GUI web-services testing that includes SOAP based services and restful services.

In TOSCA TestSuite 9.0 which was released during last year (2015) included API for Database Testing automation that enables non GUI testing by directly establishing ODBC connections and interact or test with the database layer of an application.

19. Could you please explain in briefly what is model based automation framework?
Posted on Jan 18, 2017 by Mahesh.

Model-Based Test Automation facilitates agility and efficiency to your testing practice and shorten your testing cycle.

Model-Based Test Automation model contains all the required information for steering the system under test (without the requirement for scripting or coding) and separately the test cases are written and maintained in plain-English which is maintained and used by business professional. It is only at the point of execution that the business logic contained in the test cases is combined with the steering information contained in the automation model to act upon the system under test.

Model-based test automation provides a more scalable, robust and cost-effective approach to software testing.

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