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Maven / Maven Interview questions

Explain the difference phases in Maven build Lifecycle.

Maven build lifecycle is defined by a list of build phases, where a build phase represents a stage in the lifecycle.

The default lifecycle comprises of the following phases.

validate - validates the project is correct and all necessary information is available.

compile - compile the source code of the project.

test - tests the compiled source code using a suitable unit testing framework. These tests does not require the code to be packaged or deployed.

package - take the compiled code and package it to its distributable format, for example, JAR.

verify - runs any checks on results of integration tests to ensure desired quality criteria are met.

install - installs the package into the local repository, for using it as a dependency in other projects locally.

deploy - performed in the build environment, copies the final package to the remote repository for sharing and collaboration with other members of the team and projects.

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