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Maven / AppDynamics Interview questions

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1. What is Appdynamics?

The AppDynamics Business iQ tool assists in the creation of dashboards that automatically link application performance to business outcomes. AppDynamics provides a streamlined, integrated solution for visualizing, monitoring, and managing all of your application's components.

2. What are agents and the controller in AppDynamics?

AppDynamics agents are plug-ins or extensions that monitor the performance of your application code, runtime, and behavior. They’re deployed to every corner of your application environment, from devices to containers and hosts, to applications.

The AppDynamics controller receives metrics from agents and sends them instructions. All of this performance activity is displayed via the Controller UI, which allows you to view data insights from multiple applications in one place.

3. Why is AppDynamics used?

AppDynamics provides a great amount of detail and insight to solve performance problems by using APM Tools and an analytics-driven approach. AppDynamics, the Application Performance Management (APM) solution baselines, monitors, and reports on the performance of all transactions that flow through your app.

4. What is OpenTelemetry in Appdynamics?

OpenTelemetry is a new framework for improved observability that allows you to standardize how telemetry data, such as logs, metrics, events, and traces, are gathered and delivered to your preferred backend platform.

OpenTelemetry, as an emerging standard for cloud-native monitoring, will extend AppDynamics' market-leading full-stack observability into a broader set of systems, boosting traditional AI and ML capabilities.

5. What is Unified Monitoring in AppDynamics?

AppDynamics Unified Monitoring is the industry's first application-centric, integrated monitoring platform that traces every transaction, both synchronous and asynchronous, from end user through the entire application environment. It's built to work as one solution, with one UI, one data platform, one installation.

6. What is a flow map in Appdynamics?

Flow maps present a dynamic visual representation of the components and activities of your monitored application environment.

Flow maps show the tiers, nodes, message queues, and databases in the environment, and the business transactions that flow through them.

7. What is Appdynamics node?

A node is the basic unit of processing that AppDynamics monitors. An app agent or machine agent or both instrument a node. Nodes belong to tiers. Service endpoint. Service endpoints provide a subset of the metrics for a tier, focused on a specific application service.

8. What is Galileo suite?

The Galileo Suite is the ultimate enterprise-level monitoring solution with interactive 3D visualizations and controls that help to quickly understand and assess your environment/infrastructure and analyze its health. Automatic discovery and correlation of monitored assets allow you to immediately know what's connected to what.

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