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JUnit / Junit Interview questions III

Explain parameterized tests in Junit.

In Junit 4, a new feature named "parameterized tests" is introduced that allows developer to run the same test repeated for different input values.

Creating parameterized tests using Junit 4 is simple and the steps are as follows.

  • Annotate the Junit test class with @RunWith (Parameterized.class).
  • Create a public static method and annotate with @Parameters that returns a Collection of Object array to be used as test dataset organized into rows and columns.
  • Create a public constructor that accepts one row equivalent of test data as parameter.
  • Create an instance variable for each column/field of a row test data.
  • Create your test cases using the instance variables (columns) as the input test data.

For each row of test data, the test case will be invoked and executed.

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