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DataStructures / System Design

Explain few load balancing algorithms that you know.

  • Round Robin also called as "Next in Loop".
  • Weighted Round Robin, similar to Round Robin, but some servers get a larger share of the overall traffic.
  • Random.
  • In Source IP hash Connections are distributed to backend servers based on the source IP address. If a web node fails and is taken out of service the distribution changes. As long as all servers are running a given client IP address will always go to the same web server.
  • Using Least connections, the load balancer monitors the number of open connections for each server and sends to the least busy server.
  • Least traffic. The load balancer monitors the bitrate from each server and sends to the server that has the least outgoing traffic.
  • Least latency. The load balancer makes a quick HTTP OPTIONS request to backend servers, and sends the request to the first server to answer.

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