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Scala / Scala programs

I have a string(avbfjsjebfswncnsjfsfna) and I don't want repeated alphabets by using pure Scala programming.

The Scala program follows. Kindly share your comment/suggestion for improvement and feedback. Thanks.

import scala.collection.mutable.HashSet

object StringUtil {
 * The below program creates a new string object without duplicates from the original string.
 * please note that this programs consider character case (case sensitive)  
  def main(args: Array[String]) {
    var myString:String = "avbfjsjebfswncnsjfsfnaA";
    println ("The original String= " + myString);
    var charCount: HashSet[Char] = HashSet.empty[Char] 
    var myoutputString:String = "";

    for (c <-myString) {
      if (!charCount.contains(c))
        {charCount +=c
          myoutputString +=c
    println ("The output String without duplicates= "+ myoutputString);

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