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Hibernate / Hibernate Caching

How do I enable Second level Cache using hibernate annotation?

In hibernate first level cache is provided by default. Hibernate do that by session. But second level cache can be enabled explicitly. Second level Caching in Hibernate can be done at three levels.

Enable Hibernate Second Level Cache Globally.

We need to set a property in our persistence configuration file. The property is hibernate.cache. default_cache_concurrency_strategy. By setting this property, all tables can be cached at second level.

Enable Hibernate Second Level Cache at Table Level by Annotation.

In Hibernate Annotation, we use @Cache to set table level cache. We also need to set @Cacheable. The class CacheConcurrencyStrategy of the package org.hibernate.annotations, provides the caching.

Enable Hibernate Second Level Cache at Column Level by Annotation.

In Hibernate Collections to cache the collection at column level @Cache is used and CacheConcurrencyStrategy class provides the caching. We need to set it at property level in our entity.

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