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DataStructures / Cyber Security Interview Questions

Explain Information Security.

Information Security or InfoSec is the process of designing and deploying tools to safeguard your critical business information from destruction, disruption, and alteration. It is a crucial factor in cybersecurity and it is specifically designed for data security.

The main objective of InfoSec is the confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) of your business data. Its objective is to guarantee that only authorized users, apps, or systems can access certain information.

Types of Information Security:

  • Cloud Security. Mainly focuses on the vulnerabilities coming from Internet services and shared environments. It protects the application and Infrastructure security from cloud-connected components.
  • Cryptography. This is a process of obscuring content to secure information and only the user with the correct encryption key can access the encrypted data. Cryptography retains the confidentiality and integrity of data in transit and storage.
  • Vulnerability Management. This type of InfoSec is a process where it scans the environment for any weak spots, such as unpatched software. For growing businesses that are constantly adding new users, applications, or updates with infrastructure, this is an important factor to monitor potential exposures.
  • Incident Response. A role where it monitors and probes possibly malicious behavior. To contain threats and ensure that your network can be restored, an incident response plan is essential. Also, this preserves evidence for possible prosecution and further prevent breaches.

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