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Cloud / Amazon Web Service (AWS) Interview questions

Mention a few key components of AWS?

Route 53, is a DNS web service.

Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) provides versatile network performance in AWS, which means it provides integrated security and a private cloud.

Simple E-mail Service allows sending e-mail using RESTFUL API call or via regular SMTP.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) provides enhanced security and identity management for your AWS account.

Simple Storage Device or (S3) is a storage device and the most widely used AWS service.

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) provides on-demand computing resources for hosting applications. It is handy in case of unpredictable workloads.

Elastic Block Store (EBS) offers persistent storage volumes that attach to EC2 to allow you to persist data past the lifespan of a single Amazon EC2 instance.

CloudWatch monitors AWS resources, allows administrators to view and collect key Also, one can set a notification alarm in case of trouble.

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