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MuleESB / Akka interview questions

Mention some of the Akka libraries that you are aware of/worked with.

  • Actor library, core Akka library that provides a consistent, integrated model that relieves you from individually solving the challenges that arise in concurrent or distributed system design.
  • Remoting enables actors that live on different computers to seamlessly exchange messages.
  • Cluster maintain a set of actor systems (a cluster) that can communicate with each other and consider each other as part of the cluster.
  • Cluster Sharding helps to solve the problem of distributing a set of actors among members of an Akka cluster, by balancing a large set of persistent entities (backed by actors) to members of a cluster.
  • Cluster Singleton ensure that only one instance of a service is running in the whole cluster.
  • Cluster Publish-Subscribe broadcast messages to an interested set of parties in a cluster.
  • Persistence provides patterns to enable actors to persist events that lead to their current state. Upon startup, events can be replayed to restore the state of the entity hosted by the actor.
  • Distributed Data accept writes even in the face of cluster partition while share data at the same time ensuring low-latency local read and write access.
  • Streams handle streams of events or large datasets with high performance, exploiting concurrency and keeping resource usage tight.
  • HTTP expose services of a system or cluster to the external world via an HTTP API in a performant way. Also can stream larget dataset/events.

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